Driven by passion, we take our coffee seriously and we love that it is our job that we share and roast our favourites to you.

Our story began in Udini Square Penang in 2015, with coffee, and whilst we now provide the services on every aspect of a coffee brewing, the perfect cup of coffee remains our primary focus. We like to experiment with the boundaries of what is possible – shortly after, we open our second store at Gurney Plaza, Penang. When opportunity knocks, we set out a mission to assist other coffee connoisseurs by helping them equip their coffee machinery and imparting them with the coffee brewing skills.

At Frank Laurent’s, everyone can find the serious beans and brewing equipment they need for the perfect cup of coffee they deserve. Homemade waffles, cold pressed juices and cakes served in all of our cafes are baked and sourced fresh each day in our very own humble bakery.

Ultimately, we hope that Frank Laurent is a space to find inspiration in, for ourselves and for customers alike. We look forward to serving you.