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Brewista Glass Server


• 600ml
• Durable heat resistant borosilicate glass
• Lid snaps securely into place so pouring can be accomplished without drips and spills

Cores Gold Filter Double Wallmug


• Gold plated is highly resistant to chemical reaction which prevents coffee from oxidized and brings the best flavor out
• Gold also protects itself from mold, discoloration and odd smell, keeping the filter hygienic
• Double wall ug keeps drinks hotter longer

Cores Single Cup Gold Filter


• Place 11g of ground coffee in the filter and pour over hot water
• Please use ‘Cores’ logo plate as a guide for the amount of coffee
– Dark roast: cover the logo
– Medium roast: around to the line on the bottom of the logo
– Light roast: logo has to be completely visible

Felicita Parallel Scale


Accurate and immediate response, with its wide surface area to be perfect weighting scale that weight Coffee Portafilter and Pour Over Coffee Brewing methods with its built-in timer with precise accuracy to brew a cup of your favourite coffee.

Kinto Brewer Stand


The stand is designed so that you can use it with a scale to measure the amount of dripped coffee. The height of the stand can be adjusted, letting you use it with various vessels from a mug to a tall server.