Lifestyle Coffee Brewing Workshop (Special Arrangement)


Coffee Brewing Workshop
The ideal starting point for anyone who is interested in non-espresso brewing methods. We will work with several types of brewing equipment and methods. Simple and effective recipes and techniques will be demonstrated to the class and practiced by participants. Through tasting we will examine the basics of proper coffee extraction and how to alter brewing variables to get the best flavour from your coffee.
Average Class Size: 6 pax
Duration: 2.5 – 3 hours (depends on class size)
Venue: Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters, Udini Square
Fee: RM 200 per pax
Course Contents:
• Introductions of coffee brewing equipment
• Understanding of coffee
• How to determine correct coffee to water ratio
• Proper grind size/setting
• Selecting an appropriate water temperature
• How to determine appropriate brew time
• Hands on brewing, each participants gets to pour 3 cups in the class
• Home brewing equipment recommendations
• Certificate of completion from Frank Laurent Coffee Roasters
*Full payment is needed upon to secure your slot.
*For sake of clarity, we emphasize that in the case of the participant’s absence, late attendance or early leave, no replacement, refund or exchanges will be made.
Thank you and hope to see you!

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25/5/19, 26/5/19