Lifestyle Espresso Workshop (Special Arrangement)


Lifestyle Espresso Workshop
Specially for beginners ✨

What you’ll learn :

 – Introduction of coffee equipments
 – Sharing of coffee knowledge
– Brief knowledge on coffee bean purchase
– Knowledge of coffee beans’ profile and roasting level
– Demonstration on how to pull a perfect espresso shot
(Include grinding, tamping, extracting and tasting)
– Hands on practice: dosing, distribution of coffee shots,
tamping, pulling a perfect shot
– Experiencing different types of of coffee extractions
– Sharing on espresso tasting
* differentiate good quality coffee
* evaluate coffee’s natural characteristics
– Introduction to Espresso Based Coffee menu
– Learning on how to clean coffee machine

* Complimentary milk-based coffee

* For any further information, and date confirmation contact Ms.Estee through   WhatsApp 010-370 1055.



Happy Learning ✨